• passenger elevator Passenger Lift is a standardised but flexible product range for residential and commercial buildings. There are wide range of variants available in Passenger Lift. The broad category is as follows:

    1. 1. Standard Elevator (Manual door operations)
    2. 2. Auto door Elevator (fully automate door operations)

    State of the art technology assures high performance in an intelligent and feature-rich product range that caters to the most demanding applications- smoothly and silently.

    Value Added Features:
    V3F Drives Superior ride comfort, accurate leveling and noiseless operations
    Emergency Rescue Device Automatically rescues passengers trapped in the elevator car between floors in the event of a power failure
    Overload Warning Devices Automatically warns if the elevator runs with overload capacity
  • hydraulic passenger elevator Capsule / Vacuumed Elevators

    These Capsule Elevators are used in shopping malls, hospitals, multiplexes and commercial buildings. These lifts are exquisite in design and enhance the look of a building infrastructure.

    These lifts are available in various shapes and sizes as per the s specifications of the clients. These capsule elevators are manufactured depending upon the type of doors and buildings, have different control systems and are placed according to the interiors.

    They provide attractive look to the surroundings. They are fabricated using premium quality materials that are tested for their durability and efficiency.

    • TYPE :-
    • • Panoramic Capsule Elevators (Three Glass Panels on Rear Side)
    • • Panoramic Capsule Elevators (Five Glass Panels on Rear Side)
    • • Panoramic Capsule Elevators (Circular Glass on Rear Side)
    • • Flame, Dust and Weather Proof Elevators (For Chemical factories & Refineries)
  • hydraulic passenger elevator Goods Elevator

    Goods Elevators are suitable to move any type of material from one floor to other floors. They have large loading capacity coupled with high speed and smooth running operation.

    These goods lifts have an excellent lifting capacity and maintenance less mechanism. These can easily move heavy materials from one level in the manufacturing facilities to another.

    Freight Elevator

    Freight elevators are available in different factories and industries. These elevators are widely used for shifting the loads from one place to another. These elevators are designed in accordance with standard industrial norms and regulations and are appreciated for their durability and performance. We manufacture this product using premium quality materials.
    Speed 0.35 m/s to 1.5 m/s
    Capacity 1 ton to 15 tons
    Car Panel Thickness - 18 gauge Standard /16 gauge optional
    Finish Spray Painted / Powder Coated / Stainless steel
    Flooring MS Chequered plate - Standard / Aluminum - SS Chequered Plate
    Doors Collapsible Imperforated / Auto Telescopic / Vertical-bi-parting
  • passenger elevator Hospital Elevators from simple transportation of a patient on wheelchair to wheeling away a critical patient on bed without disturbing his life support system with doctors and nurses attendance, smoothly silently and swiftly , without jerks and shocks.

    RP Bidyut elevators carry out this task in style. Bulky equipment's can also be transported with equal ease. We recommend, even for a small hospital, two electors.

    Just for the important reason of making elevator freely available during crisis we also suggest one of the elevator to have a rear entrance to transport and shift patients to ambulance platform comfortably and to accommodate service cars demanding free access to service and utility areas, during other times.

    Standard features:
    Speed 0.35 m/s to 1.5 m/s
    Capacity 13 to 26 passengers
    Car Panel Thickness - 18 gauge Standard /16 gauge optional
    Finish Spray Painted / Powder Coated / Stainless steel
    Flooring MS Chequered plate - standard / Aluminum - SS Chequered plate
    Doors Collapsible / Imperforated / Telescopic / Automatic / Vertical-bi-parting
  • We, RP Bidyut Elevators are specialized in deal with various types of Elevators,

    Well, below you will find brief information on the different types of products which are available and, once you have decided upon your destination, simply navigate the left hand side of this page and choose the page you want where there will be much more detailed information about your chosen product and how to go about getting your hands on one.

    Let us descend to the different type of lift options which are available to you.

    Elevators Types
    1. Traction / Hydraulic / Machine Room less Passenger Elevator
    2. Car / Automobile Elevators
    3. Goods  / Freight cum Passenger Elevators
    4. Capsule / Vacuum Elevator
    5. Hospital / Stretcher Elevator
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  • ACRT Control Systems

    Our elevator control systems for Reduced Torque Control for both one and two-speed AC Motors are a low priced solution for low speed AC elevator systems 25 -50 feet per minute. They are custom designed and manufactured to meet all of your specifications. It provides smooth acceleration and stops the elevator using the elevator brake. Again, ideal for slower speed elevators. Note that the ELEVATOR Starts Softly but STOPS on the brake.

    ACVF Control Systems

    Our Elevator Control Systems for Variable Voltage Variable Frequency Flux Drive for AC Motors are designed for AC motor based elevators with speeds under 600 feet per minute. They come factory pre-adjusted and ready for quick, easy installation. They also provide smooth acceleration and deceleration as well as multiple adjustable speeds. Custom designed and manufactured to meet all of your specifications.

    DCSS Control Systems Our DC Based Drive System Control System is designed for use with either geared or gearless DC motors. Custom designed and manufactured to meet all of your specifications.

    HYDRO Control Systems

    Our elevator control systems for Hydraulic Elevators are economical and easy to adjust and install. Custom designed and manufactured to meet all of your specifications.

    Fire Service Panels For Existing Installations

    PLC logic, relay logic, or a combination of both is used to integrate the fire service panel into the present system. Depending on the type of control, manufacturer, and operating voltage all fire service panels can be designed to meet the local code where they are to be installed. Working from the controller wiring diagram the fire service panel is built for ease of connecting the two. Complete wiring diagrams are provided. Please note that we require a set of your original drawings from the existing controller in order to provide a price quote. Some older system cannot be interface with our PLC system. In addition to the fire service panels the car and hall fixtures necessary to make the system operable are available. A standard CJA fire service key switch is used for the car and hall fixtures. However, the customer's switches can easily be substituted. Fire Fighters instructions, In Case of Fire...., etc. will be engraved on the fixtures if requested. In the process of designing the fire service panel, requirements which may not be in the present control system can be included at little or no additional cost. Of particular note are ADA requirements such as passing buzzers, directional and arrival indicators and chimes. Buzzers, chimes, etc. can also be incorporated into the fire service fixtures. While installing fire service, the contractor can bring his customer's elevator into ADA compliance.
    • • SMD designed, microprocessor based Main Control board.
    • • Optically isolated inputs and outputs with LED indication.
    • • The iSMART Controller can be interfaced with any VVVF drive.
    • • 2-line LCD display test tool for main control board for parameter programming and Field test.
    • • On line operation status.
    • • Logging of last 99 faults with time and date stamp with floor number.
    • • Fault diagnosis resulting in minimum down time in any maintenance.
    Product Specs CONTROLLER
    Speed (m/s) Upto 1.5 mps
    Motor KW Provided upto 2kW
    Operation Open Loop-Standard, Close Loop - Optional
    Stops (max) Upto DCL - 32 Stops, FCL - 22 Stops
    Group Operation Upto 4-Lifts
    Door Operation Auto Door & Manual Door
    Power Supply 3 Phase, 380/400/415 V, +/- 6%, 50Hz, 4Wire
    Features : : Serial Communication Controller
    • • 32 bit high performance.
    • • Robust CAN bus communication (2 wire serial communication).
    • • Suitable for residential and commercial lifts..
    • • Maximum stops up to 64 floors.
    • • Real time fault logging. Fault records are accessible using Test tool.
    • • Onboard 4 digit display board and keypad.
    • • Supports standard Test tool for monitoring and configuring settings of elevators.
    • • Supports PC Software for monitoring and configuring settings of elevators.

    • Our integrates advance technology supports Simplex and group operation up to 8 shafts. CAN bus serial communication significantly reduces the number of cables and the cost of wiring. Improved operational efficiency and energy saving.

    Features ::: Machine Room Less Controller
    machine roomless conrtoller
    • • The machine-room-less elevator is the result of technological advancements that often allow a significant reduction in the size of the electric motors used with traction equipment.

    • • On line operation status Floor Positioning, Parameter Programming.

    • • Logging of last 99 faults with time and date stamp with floor number.

    • • Fault diagnosis resulting in minimum down time in any maintenance.
    Features ::: Automatic Rescue Device
    automatic rescue device
    • • Controller is housed in a sleek compact floor mounted Cabinet with hinged doors.
    • • Microprocessor based control and space vector modulated Inverter.
    • • State of the art Battery charger with four charging modes- Trickle, Bulk, Float and Full.
    • • Operates on 3-Phase, 400V, 50 Hz Power.
    • • The Smart Rescue is the safest evacuation device as it has no interface with safety circuit of Elevator.
    • • No interface with any operating component of elevator- Motor, Brake, Door Operator, Rcam, etc..
    • • Hand-held LCD Display diagnostic test tool for On line operation status, Site Programming and Field test mechanism.
    • • Ride quality in Rescue mode is same as Elevator Ride with accurate leveling (as the VF Drive runs the Motor during Rescue operation).
    • • Very simple interface and easy and quick to install.
    • • More reliable as the entire Rescue operation is achieved by producing 3-Phase power.
    • • Consistent performance throughout service life of battery as the battery voltage does not affect the output 3-Phase Voltage.

    • The RESCUE DEVICE is the safest automatic elevator evacuation device designed for VF Elevators. The Smart Rescue relates to a new concept and design and operates the elevator controller at rated voltage to perform the evacuation operation.

    Features ::: Emergency Light
    • • DC model with instant Emergency light 'ON' at AC supply failure. Switches 'OFF' on supply resumption or after 30 minutes (whichever is earlier). Reverts back to battery charging mode on power resumption.

    • • Compact and rugged unit.

    • • High intensity light.

    • • Settable discharging time.

    • • Easy retrofit for existing elevators.

    • • Corrosion resistant Stainless Steel face plate.

    • • Field proven design.